Cursed EP

by Demonwomb



released 25 September 2012



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Track Name: Braindead
who said you need to be like them?
blindly follows, all the same
braindead – one of a kind,
trapped in a world, that lost its mind
they plant the seed, make you believe
all these fucked up things we see
false promises, nothing’s real
cut the shit, stop listening
worst case – we all give in
mindless zombies, no one thinks
a final call – use your head
or we are lost – braindead

we all give in
no one of us thinks
follow blind instead
we are braindead
Track Name: Cursed
we’ve been standing in line, for a while
the gates of hell, will open wide
the wait is over, the end in sight
our future is doomed, paradise denied
one questione remains „can it get any worse?“
humanity failed, we gotta live with this curse
generations lost, the only purpose in life:
we’re not here to live, we’re just here to survive.

sacrifice - all of your dreams
realize - life is not what it seems
understand - this is not a game
the choices we made, let us hang our heads in shame.

this is the age of desperation
no hope, we live in damnation
who’s gonna hear our screams?
buried under hate and greed
Track Name: Hellbound
flesh and bone, we sold our souls
to the devil himself - he’ll get us all
bound to fall, cause we don’t know
to stop when we should - he’ll get us all

ignore the signs, we fear the truth,
so we just hide behind lies
the path we chose
will lead us straight to demise
open eyes, still decline,
what is real, we are blind

enough is enough, we need another start
two thousand years and still we keep on fucking things up
we’ll never learn, so watch us burn
in the eyes of the lord – we never were
Track Name: Deception
time won’t stop
the seasons change
life goes by, nothing stays the same
i keep on tryin‘, but i can’t relate
to any of this, to anything
life’s hard
but what’s there to complain
when most of us, don’t care anyways
we lost focus, on what we’ve got
pretend to be, what we are not

we came
we saw
we chose
and then we lost it all